Small Business

Structured Cabling

Lygan provides state-of-the-art cable infrastructure design and implementation services for its customers. We provide a scalable, open communications platform by applying standards-based methodologies and multi-vendor expertise for cable media solutions.

Design and Review

  • Design cable infrastructure to meet customer needs
  • Integrate new design into existing infrastructure
  • Review in-house or third-party designs
  • Develop or review RFPs


  • BICSI certified and experienced installation crew for ISP/OSP installation


  • Testing and certifying existing or newly installed cable
  • Provide documentation

Quality Assurance

  • Physical verification of in-house or third-party cable installations to relevant codes and standards

As Built Services

  • Information verification and documentation services, including CAD drawings

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance services increase your business' security and help prevent lossess – 24/7. As a leader in the industry of safeguarding valuables, Lygan is expert at designing and installing video surveillance systems to fit any budget and any application.

Our video surveillance systems integrate with access control and intrusion detection systems to provide an integrated, around-the-clock deterrent against theft, burglary and vandalism, regardless of the source.

Lygan's video surveillance solutions include

Digitial Video Recording

DVR offers cost- and time-saving benefits, including:

  • Elimination of videotapes cassettes
  • Increased storage capacity in a small package
  • Easy access to stored data
  • Multiple camera viewing
  • Remote access

Camera Surveillance

Surveillance cameras of all shapes and sizes can be strategically installed throughout your business location for maximum coverage. Depending on your business' safety and security needs and concerns, cameras can be in plain sight or hidden from view.

Integrated Systems

We utilize advanced motion detection and point-of-sale software to create fully integrated, customized security systems to help your business reduce losses. Our integrated systems also help protect your employees and customers from both internal and external threats.

Construction Services Management

Lygan provides consulting services for small and startup construction companies, including:

Government contracting requirements

  • Certified payroll
  • E-verify
  • AIA documents
  • Billing via WAWF systems
  • Quality Control / Quality Management system implementation

Subcontract Development

  • Provide guidance for structuring subcontracts
  • Assist in procedure development for subcontract management

Safety Instruction

  • OSHA & safety manual development
  • Conducting safety inspections and meetings

Software Training

  • Peachtree accounting software
  • MAS 90/200 accounting software
  • Quickbooks